More lost than Emilia Earhart

So, for the most part this past week has been an exercise in frustration for me and feeling as though I should’ve stayed in my cave and continued to let technology pass me by.  The instructor’s laid it all out pretty simply, and there’s a wealth of instructions.  I guess if someone’s describing the painting process and you can’t stop trying to figure out how the paint was made then simple instructions won’t help.  I am happy to report that I did do all of the set up correctly (at least, I believe I did).  Customizing my blog was very easy.  Just click and it’s done.

Another day…another success?

Ok, so I’ve successfully made a post somehow.  I realize that when I make a post on my WordPress webpage it’s linked to the ds106 webpage so everybody can see it.  I’ll have to figure out how to get my tweets over here (or there).  I have all of the accounts I think I’m supposed to have.  I’ll dive back into the syllabus and do what I can.